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  • Rediscovering Türkiye: 7 Regions & 3 Diverse Climates

    A bridge between East and West, the seven regions of Türkiye provide a fantastic overview of the country’s diversity. All seven regions have their own unique feeling, sight, smell, and taste! What’s more, Türkiye is blessed with three diverse climates, offering one-of-a-kind experiences unlike any other! As a result, it is almost impossible to fit Türkiye into a neat stereotype - and all for good reason! Türkiye’s climate is very generous as the country isn’t restricted to summer activities. For instance, the mild weather and climate of İstanbul offers the excellent opportunity for an unforgettable Bosphorus tour. Since the temperature in Türkiye is diverse with strong contrasts and its weather changes by month and location, there are also great winter activities awaiting you here! Whether you are looking to explore Türkiye or buy property and reside here, it’s wise to learn about the distinct merits of this wonderous land. Time to rediscover Türkiye!

    Black Sea Region

    The Black Sea region is distinguished from the rest of Türkiye by its foggy, lush mountains, and powerful streams. Often keeping its mystery to itself, this is Türkiye’s most reclusive region. Once you discover it, you’ll instantly fall in love with the Black Sea’s stimulating aura! Shielded by high mountains, the region experiences an oceanic climate with high rainfall year-round. Summers are warm and humid, and winters are often cool. The Black Sea region's cuisine is rich in fish, particularly the Black Sea anchovy (hamsi), and includes numerous maize dishes. Following the most natural and traditional agricultural methods, the region is also famous for its tea and hazelnuts. The idyllic plateaus will cool you off and make your vacation here unforgettable – time and time again, you’ll be drawn back to this beautiful region!

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    Aegean Region

    Türkiye’s Aegean shores take their place among the most charming landscapes in the country! The gorgeous coastline, lapped by the crystalline waters of the Aegean Sea, is blessed with secluded beaches, olive groves, and pine forests. In the region’s coastal parts, the sea climate permeates the hot summers, and the mild and occasionally cold winters. Owing much to its warm Mediterranean climate, olive oil, grapes, figs, and tobacco are among the major agricultural products of the region. What’s more, the Aegean region is home to some of the oldest human settlements like Ephesus, dating back to 6000 BCE. Whether you fancy heavenly harbors, beautiful holiday villages, or remnants of ancient civilizations, this region has something for everyone! When it comes to the Aegean, the folk dances of Efe and Zeybek spring to mind instantly - these fantastic folk dances are played in many parts of the region and are some of its most characteristic symbols.

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    Central Anatolia Region

    Shaped like a triangle in the middle of Türkiye, the Central Anatolia region is undoubtedly the heart of the country! With hot summers and cold, snowy winters, the region experiences the two ends of the weather continuum, having a semiarid continental climate. The vast plateaus featuring unique motifs present a sensational realm. This region is also home to the country’s capital, Ankara. Being the cradle of many ancient civilizations, Central Anatolia has witnessed the earliest stages of humanity dating back to the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras. The tawny-colored landscape that dominates Central Anatolia is beautifully adorned with magnificent natural geographical formations. Eroded by the winds and rain, in Nevşehir, vistas of granite cones and crowned pinnacles welcome you. Kapadokya provides a wondrous environment for its visitors with outstanding activities for all - like flying in a hot-air balloon!

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    Eastern Anatolia Region

    Characterized by high mountains, the Eastern Anatolia region sports a mighty look! The red-ochre plains of Erzurum, the green meadows stretching out in Kars, legendary Mount Ağrı, and the vast Lake Van are the foremost elements that embellish this immersive region. Visitors are readily astounded by the tremendous diversity of Eastern Anatolia, while the region’s residents are famous for being extremely generous and welcoming. The region’s long and dynamic past has left a legacy of historical monuments to be explored. Eastern Anatolia is under the influence of a subcontinental climate, which offers remarkable experiences, especially for a winter vacation. You can even take a horse-drawn sleigh ride on the glass-like ice of Kars's famous Lake Çıldır!

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    Marmara Region

    Tourists flock to the Marmara region for both winter and summer vacations. The region is home to İstanbul, one of the world's most famous cities, which stands in all its splendor, equally alluring for its natural beauty and its historical magnificence. The beautiful restaurants that dot the shoreline are matched with a distinctive architectural style and sweet-smelling fresh air. İstanbul is a real paradise for tourists as establishments that are open year-round! The climate in the Marmara region is a mix of Mediterranean and subtropical. Summers are warm to hot whilst winters are chilly, damp, and it occasionally snows. The region is also one of the world's most privileged sites, with vast thermal water resources and optimal conditions for health tourism.

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    Mediterranean Region

    Unique and enchanting beaches are calling! The Mediterranean region truly redefines the concept of natural beauty - if the sun had a favorite place, it would be here for sure! The region is among Türkiye’s most refined and touristic regions, thanks to its multicultural structure, delightful cuisine, and significant historical attractions. From areas with permanent glaciers to subtropical, semiarid regions, the Mediterranean region has a diverse and fascinating climate. Many citrus fruits like orange, mandarin, lemon, and grapefruit are cultivated here. Summer months are perfect for sunbathing and water activities, whereas spring and autumn are the most enticing months for discovering old ruins and gorgeous landscapes all along the famous Lycian Way. Even in January and February, the days are sunny and warm, turning the Mediterranean region into an ideal getaway option.

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    Southeastern Anatolia Region

    The Southeastern Anatolia region is characterized by stunning natural beauty, forming a great blend of scenery where the past touches the uniqueness of the Orient! A distinct, oriental vibe permeates this region - one that is unlike anywhere else in Türkiye. This region experiences a semiarid continental climate, similar but a little harsher than that of Central Anatolia, with hot summers, and cold and often snowy winters. It has a legendary cuisine that consists primarily of spicy meat products like Urfa kebap, lahmacun, çiğ köfte, and tasty desserts such as baklava and kadayıf. The mighty Mount Nemrut, the ruins of the Commagene civilization, and Balıklıgöl (Abraham’s Pool) are among the most famous local tourist attractions. The ancient city of Mardin, one of the region’s pearls, is a wonder to discover with its stunning landmark stone houses and UNESCO protected old town! Try something different than a sun-and-beach holiday, … and have a completely authentic experience in Southeastern Anatolia!

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